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Activists' Legal Project Resources

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 Other Legal Resources for Activists
 General Legal Resources
 Direct Action Resources

Our resources are available for download in PDF format. You can use Acrobat Reader or other software (such as kghostview, gpdf) to read these resources.

  The Arrest Process and Your Rights  (Aug 2008, PDF, 105k) - covers giving your details; being arrested; at the police station; your rights in detention; searches; photographs, fingerprints and DNA; interviews; bail; possible outcomes of arrest; what to take on an action/what not to take.

Trial Procedure in the Magistrates Court (May 2000, PDF, 135k) - covers pre-trial hearings; trial procedure, sentencing; fines/costs; court support; defending yourself.

 Guide to Possible Offences (Aug 2008, PDF, 270k) - covers aggravated trespass; highway offences; breach of the peace; obstructing a police officer; public order offences including marches and assemblies; harassment; ASBO's, criminal damage and arson; GBH and assault; Terrorism Act offences, carrying weapons/knives; theft and burglary; conspiracy.

  Map showing the 'designated area' around Parliament

 Coping with Prison (May 2000, PDF, 160k) - covers preparing for prison; induction; routine; communication; visits; food; health; smoking; money; privileges; rules; keeping your home; getting out; resources.

 Police Search and Seizure Powers (Aug 2008, PDF, 85k) - covers stop and search, search of home, workplace and vehicles, seizure and retention of property.

 Bust Card (July 2008, PDF, 46k) - a very short guide to your rights, for use on actions.

 Your Rights on Stop and Search (August 2009, PDF, 38k) - a short guide to your rights, for use on actions.

 How to Set up a Legal Support Group (Aug 2008, PDF, 100k) - covers what are the aims of legal support; what the legal support group does before, on and after the action; also see:
 Bustcard (July 2008, PDF, 46k)

Arrest Tracker -Legal Support Office Record Sheet (Aug 2008, PDF, 36k)

 Police Station Support Record Sheet (June 2007, PDF, 19k)

 Guide for Legal Observers (Aug 2008, PDF, 22k) - covers the role of a legal observer, what to do on the action, arrest risk, equipment needed, sample legal observers record sheet.

 The Impact of Arrest and Criminal Convictions (July 2008, PDF, 42k) - covers employment, studying, disclosing convictions, travel visas and insurance.

 Know Your Rights: A Climate Activists Guide to the Law (August 2009 PDF, 509k) - A5 booklet which covers legal implications of taking action on climate change, likely charges, penalties, rights on arrest and arrest procedure.

Student Protest on Campus(Aug 2008, PDF, 78k) - information for students about the likely impact of protesting on your higher education campus.

The Activists' Legal Project is run by volunteers who are not legal experts. If in doubt take legal advice on the specifics of your situation from a solicitor. Our briefings only relate to the law in England and Wales. For information on the law in Scotland see the Scottish Activist Legal Project website. If you see any errors in our briefings or we have missed any changes in the law then please contact us.