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Arrest - being arrested; at the police station; charges; detention; searches; your rights; bail; records; preparation. (Available as typeset document - PDF file).

Trial at Magistrates Court - which charges?; pre-trial hearings; trial procedure, sentencing; fines/costs; support; defending yourself. (Available as typeset document - PDF file).
A guide to possible offences - trespass; highways; breach of the peace; obstructing a police officer; public order offences; harassment; criminal damage; assault; weapons; theft; conspiracy; incitement. (Available as typeset document - PDF file).
Coping with prison - preparing for prison; induction; routine; communication; visits; food; health; smoking; money; privileges; rules; keeping your home; getting out; the best/ worst; resources. (Available as typeset document - PDF file).

Legal support briefing - how to set up a legal support group - what are the aims of legal support; what do you need; bust card.


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