The key things a city apartment should have to sell it quickly

We tend to forget, that the majority of the properties offered for sale in any part of the world are in fact city apartments. Let’s get to see what people mostly look for when it comes to city or town-located apartments.

Of course the checklist is always subject to the actual target audience too, but here are a couple of key characteristics that count as a plus when people look for a city apartment.

  1. An attractive inner flow: Make spaces look and be as large and spacious as possible, without having to sacrifice whole rooms. This means, to try to cut out on the long and narrow aisles and hallways and if that’s not possible. Make the flow in-between rooms as easy and effortless as possible. This means to make going through the whole flat as easy as possible.

  2. Open up the kitchen to become one with the dining room and living room: Open concept is everything these days, especially when it comes to kitchens. When a flat is small and yet has a separate small kitchen, it is wise to try to find ways to open those two spaces together, to create one larger space. However be careful and do all this to be not on the cost of privacy.

  3. Multi-tasking is the key: These years, more and more people work from home. This means that they would definitely need an office space which is possibly not located in the bedroom area. This is why it’s wise to start hunting for the so-called dead spaces and see how best to use these. When it comes to office areas, privacy is often the key. If there is a separate kitchen which has some dead space that can be finely converted to a home office for instance. The same goes for kids’ play areas and hobby corners which most people definitely need.

  4. Useful storage space: Storage space is spare in every home. This is why adding or finding ways to add additional storage space to a room is always a good idea. If you have dead space next to your entrance door, you can easily use that for the insertion of an outdoor wardrobe for the coats and shoes and other miscellaneous things. The key to good storage space is always, to make it easily accessible.

  5. Privacy: In a flat it’s essential for the living and working spaces to coexist in harmony. This also means privacy. The doors should close properly in order for them to keep out all the noise that would come from the other parts of the flat. Flats which come with a well separated sleep and resting areas are more attractive.

  6. Balcony: Many people specifically look for flats which have a sort of an outdoor space. Such as balcony, French style balcony or a terrace.

  7. Elevator: The flats which have an elevator sell more quickly than those which don’t.

  8. Good views: A great view is always an extra and it’s also a great value increasing factor when it comes to selling a flat quickly.

Of course there is much more that can add to the allure of an apartment: closeness of shops, good transportation or good location. Examine all these, decide who you target and try to create things accordingly.