Back to the main page Information about the civil courts, crown court, case law and statutes(acts of parliament). Lords and Commons text of debates and parliamentary questions and answers (Hansard) House of Lords judgments since Nov. 1996. Acts of parliament (statutes) 1996 to date and statutory instruments 1997 to date. Electronic immigration network with all sorts of resources on immigration and nationality law from campaign groups to European Court of Human Rights judgments. The European Court of Human Rights including decisions of the court. Information about applying for legal aid, details of legal aid in your area. Consultation documents on changes to the court system, criminal matters and magistrates courts from the Lord Chancellors Department. Information on prisons including visiting hours and how to get there and 'prison life'. You can also download a copy of The Prisoners Information Handbook, written jointly with the Prison reform trust. Free access to reported cases from the court of appeal (inl. Criminal cases) since April 1996 with full text of judgment Links to legal sites and resources including crime, environmental law and human rights. Guide to the UK's Human Rights Act.



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