How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost?

How much does a rubbish removal cost? It’s a commonly asked question with a very vague answer. Put simply, it depends. There are plenty of things which might affect the price of your next rubbish removal and whilst we cannot give you an exact price, we have compiled a list of the factors that are considered when pricing up your rubbish removal project to help you understand the charges involved.

1. The Amount Of Waste Being Collected

The first factor influencing the cost of a rubbish removal is the amount of waste collected. Although obvious, the weight, cubic yards and quantity of waste is a significant factor which determines the price of your rubbish removal when hiring a company. For example, if you are just looking to shift a couple of pieces of old furniture which are easy to handle and transport, you might be charged as little as £50 for the job. On the contrary, if you are looking to clear and dispose of waste from an entire home renovation, you will certainly be looking at a higher charge.

It is also important to remember that some companies will charge per cubic yard but later add additional charges if they attend the property and find additional items which haven’t been accounted for in the quote.

2. How The Waste Is Being Collected and Disposed Of

Often the price of a rubbish removal task depends on the process used to dispose of the waste. For example, for hazardous waste or WEEE waste which are both more complicated to dispose of responsibly, the costs might be higher due to having to transport and dispose of these separately and in different ways. Some rubbish removal companies also seek to find the most eco-friendly outlet to dispose of the waste, so they may have to put additional time into finding suitable charities and recycling practices to achieve this aim, thus increasing costs.

Similar charges might apply depending on the collection method used. For example, some companies may charge depending on the kind of vehicle they need to bring to collect your waste, whilst others might offer a skip for an additional charge and pick this up at a later date.

3. The Kind Of Waste Being Collected

The kind of waste is also a large factor to consider since certain items are more challenging to move, transport and dispose of. More often than not, bulkier items such as sofas or white goods will require greater labour and a larger team, so will be charged accordingly.

What’s more, certain categories of waste need to be handled with greater care than others, such as hazardous waste. In certain events, such as the removal and clearance of asbestos, a specialist might even be required which will necessarily increase the cost of your rubbish removal.

4. Your Location

The price might also be affected by where you live for two main reasons. Firstly, if you live in an area like London where costs are naturally inflated, you will likely find that the charge for a rubbish removal is slightly higher than across other parts of England. However, the most common reason is that waste removal companies account for the distance travelled to get to and from your property to account for things such as time spent on the job and the fuel used. For this reason, we recommend using a rubbish removal firm that is local to you.

5. The Rubbish Removal Company Fees

Finally, it is important to consider that every waste removal company’s fees will differ. Some might pay their staff more than others, meanwhile others might travel further than others to collect your waste. Similarly, certain rubbish removal companies might heavily discount larger removals, whilst others might not.

It is also a good idea to negotiate as far as possible with your rubbish removal company to see how they can tailor their price and service to your specific needs and budget.

Remember, check your local council rubbish collection options before booking with any waste collection company.