The Effects of Irresponsible Rubbish Removal

With rubbish mounting up in landfill sites and the concerns about the health of the environment rapidly increasing, the damaging effects of irresponsible rubbish removal is quickly becoming clear. To raise awareness of this, this post details the three major dangers of irresponsible rubbish removal and provides tips to help you take more responsibility for your waste!

1. Harmful To The Environment

Perhaps the most detrimental effect of irresponsible rubbish removal is the harm this might cause to the environment. In particular, many individuals and rubbish removal companies are disposing of waste in landfills and failing to recycle it where it is possible to do so, which is a leading factor behind the deterioration of the earth’s health.

In fact, a wide array of research has revealed that the gases and pollution created by the degradation of waste in landfills has a serious, negative effect on the planet. What’s more, when the landfills are overflowing with waste, waste often blows or leaks into surrounding rivers and pollutes these also.

Subsequently, irresponsible rubbish removal is affecting the environment not only by giving off harmful emissions, but also by polluting natural areas. So, it is important that both individuals and waste management firms are taking greater responsibility when it comes to finding ways to recycle and re-use rubbish rather than just sending it to the landfill sites as the most convenient route.

2. It Is Against The Law

Additionally, because many irresponsible rubbish removal practices have been heavily regulated against, acting irresponsibly when disposing of waste can often also mean you are breaking the law.

For example, it is estimated that over a million instances of fly-tipping are happening every year, which comes at an estimated cost of £58 million to clear this waste. A serious offence, fly tipping involves dumping any of your waste in the street or other land that does not have a license to accept it. With the government cracking down further on this offence, this irresponsible form of rubbish removal can land you a fine of up to £50,000 or a year in prison if convicted in a Magistrates Court or an unlimited fine and up to 5 years imprisonment if convicted by a Crown Court.

With penalties like this in place, it is vital that you ensure you are removing and disposing of your waste legally and responsibly. Likewise, you should ensure that the rubbish removal company you hire is trusted to manage your waste legally too.

3. Puts Humans And Animals At Risk

Improper rubbish removal also threatens the livelihood of other humans and animals, not only due to the damning effects irresponsible disposal has on our environment and therefore our future health and wellbeing, but also in the short term. For example, sea creatures especially are suffering from sea pollution as a result of landfill waste, with many fish and sea turtles poisoned by plastic or killed due to contamination. Likewise, waste can also suffocate and kill land animals when it is dumped in their natural habitat.

Additionally, for more dangerous kinds of waste such as hazardous waste, improper disposal can be dangerous and often requires a specialist team to handle it. For example asbestos can cause multiple types of lung disease and cancers if individuals are exposed to as a result of improper and irresponsible disposal.

How To Practice Responsible Rubbish Removal

  1. Hire a reputable, fully accredited and insured waste removal company. The waste removal prices may be slightly higher, but you are paying for an expert to collect and dispose of your waste.
  2. Do research into how to dispose of your waste in an eco-friendly way
  3. Attempt to minimise the amount of waste that you are producing
  4. Attempt to increase how much of your waste you recycle, re-use or repurpose
  5. Ensure you are not dumping waste illegally - try to take it to the recycling centre or contact a company to clear it for you